Institute of Virology - Virus infections and Virus biology in Berlin Mitte

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The institute in the Helmut Ruska Building

Institut für Virologie, Helmut-Ruska-Haus
Institution building Helmut-Ruska-Haus

The institute in the Helmut Ruska Building represents with its staff the subject of clinical, molecular and general virology in research and teaching and is integrated into health care via its comprehensive virological diagnostics. The institute is situated on the campus Charité Mitte.

The building is named after the physician Helmut Ruska (1908-1973) who worked in the Charité in the 1930s and as the first researcher, made viruses visible by electron microscopy.

The institute carries out virological diagnostics, in particular antibody, antigene, nucleic acid and virus detection. In addition, it is the national consultation laboratory for Coronaviruses and Hantaviruses.

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