Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christine Goffinet

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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  • 06/2017 AIDS Award of the German AIDS Society
  • 11/2012 Postdoctoral Award for Virology of the Robert Koch Foundation
  • 10/2010 Wolfgang Stille Award of the Paul Ehrlich Society for Chemotherapy
  • 11/2007 Hygiene Award of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation
  • 06/2007 AIDS Research Award of the German Society for Infectiology

Vita Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christine Goffinet

02/2019 - heuteCharité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute of Virology and BIH (Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)), Berlin, Associate Professor for Virology
11/2013 - 01/2019TWINCORE, Hannover, Leader of the Researchgroup "Innate Immunity and Viral Evasion" in the Department of Experimental Virology

11/2010 - 10/2013
Universität Ulm, Institute of Molecular Virology, Independent Junior Group Leader, Charakterization of Interferon-stimulated antiviral genes
05/2007 - 10/2010University Heidelberg, Department of Infektious, PhD Thesis with Prof. Dr. Oliver T. Keppler, Mechanism and spezies-specificity of CD317- imposed restriction of retroviruses and on HIV-1 infection
01/2004 - 04/2007University Heidelberg, Department of Infectious, PhD Thesis with Prof. Dr. Oliver T. Keppler on the characterization and advancement of the hCD4/hCCR5-transgenic rat model of HIV-1 infection
01/2003 - 10/2003University Hamburg, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I, Center for Experimental Medicine (Director: Prof. Dr. Georg W. Mayr), Diploma studies with Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Guse on intracellular ADP-ribosylcyclases in immunocompetent cells

Functions / offices


2012-               Robert-Koch-Foundation

2012-               German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

2005-               German Society for Virology

Editorial Board Scientific Reports (Immunology Panel)

Editorial Board Retrovirology

Member of Scientific Committee ANRS:

Member of:,

Bestehende Assoziation mit TWINCORE und HZI:;


Referee Activities

Ad hoc Reviewer for                Cell Reports, Current Medicinal Chemistry, PLOS ONE, Journal of Infectious Diseases, Viral Immunology, Virology, Journal of Virology, Current HIV Research, Scientific Reports,

Deutsche Studienstiftung, DFG, Wellcome Trust

External Reviewer of PhD Theses at

University Ulm (International Graduate School of Molecular Medicine)

University Göttingen (PhD Program Emerging Infectious Diseases) University Aarhus

University Porto (PhD Program Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution)

Member of the Scientific Committee of Basic Research on HIV/AIDS: virus-host (CSS11) of ANRS (France Recherche Nord & Sud Sida-HIV Hépatites)


Conference Organization

2017-2019       Organisation and Coordination of the Annual Workshops of the Study Group „Immunobiology of Viral Infections“ of the German Society for Virology (together with Dr. Michael Mühlebach)